Final Project: Covid 19 Around the World

“By using owid Covid 19 data and statistics, I examined trends.”

-There is no data on the continent of Antarctica because of insufficient human population

-Furthermore, there is very little cases in Oceania/Australia that I will consider it to be neglible for data and filter out in the following graph

-Initial Data shows a shockingly low amount of Covid Cases/Deaths in Africa compared to other continents

The plot above has all the continents in one graph allowing for easier comparison. The plot above separates the continents for a cleaner look. Also: The plots are interactive, hovering over points will provide precise dates and new cases.

-North America and Asia has surges in new cases in January 2021, and May 2021 respectively

-Both North America and Asia made significant progress in decreasing the new cases

-Africa, South America, and Europe have been relatively consistent in new cases

-Europe is progressing in decreasing new cases, but South America has seen an increase recently